Content CMS

User Managed CMS Website from £750 +

Unlimited pages, A Content Management System (CMS) is a PHP (Personal Home Page) application, which lets you create and manage your website using an admin panel. In a traditional HTML site, you would have to use programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to edit the website.

Thousands of small businesses and non-profits have used CMS to maintain their website content easily, quickly, and safely. Content management gives the web site owner or administrator the power to update the site easily, keeping their content up-to-date and relevant. It places the maintenance of your site in your own hands, or into the hands of whatever staff that YOU assign access.

  • Free email accounts

You get 100 email addresses of your choice, for example This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it etc. Links to the addresses will be included on your website.

  • Free search engine optimisation

1st month free – Introductory SEO package : Using the top keywords found in your pages content, we will optimise your website to drive valuable targeted traffic via the natural search results of Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This type of Search Engine Marketing campaign is run 24 hours a day, constantly increasing your brand name visibility not just to the UK but to the world, and maximising the relevant traffic received to your Website.

  • Free visitor statistic

Use the free visitor tracking software to see what do your visitors do online? How long are they online and why are they there, did they come from a search engine or a referred site? Site statistics will give you all the answers. How many times is a unique web visitor on your site the first time, once per day, several times per day, twice per day, twice a week and once per week? Web site traffic statistics are important tools leading to proper visitor analysis on your web site.

  • CMS we use

Two of the main CMS we support and work with Joomla / WordPress